How you help

We’ve done a lot this year. But it’s only possible because of the contributions from funders, volunteers and donors.

We want to take this opportunity to say a massive

Thank you

Thank you

To our funders

Grants from these world-changing organisations make all our development possible, fund our research and allow us to employ the best coders available. They underpin everything we do.

Luminate (formerly the Omidyar Network) gave mySociety the support it needs to run as an organisation, and via The Democratic Society helped fund Public Square.

The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation also provide core funding that helps with our organisational and administrative costs.

The Indigo Trust provide funds to develop and deploy Pombola in conjunction with organisations in Africa — and to research in the region.

A grant from the Wikimedia Foundation supported our work with the Democratic Commons and helped us to create tools, support and data for the Wikidata community.

Power to Change helped us map all Assets of Community Value in England through our project Keep It In The Community.

Open Society Foundations whose grant for enhancing access to democracy for Londoners will allow us to make improvements to TheyWorkForYou — many of which will also be of benefit to those outside the capital, too.

Sefton Council enabled the improvements to Collideoscope.

Google Ad Grants permit us to run Adword adverts at no cost.

Google Inc and the MacArthur Foundation supported TICTeC 2018.

“We’ve done some excellent research on parliaments and digital engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa this year. Not only was the work itself enjoyable, we got to speak to so many inspiring people doing amazing work.” Bec Head of Research
“I’m so pleased we’ve got data on several complete national legislatures into the Commons, where anybody can use and improve them.” Nick Developer

Funding opportunities

Would you like to sponsor the next TICTeC? Let us know!

WhatDoTheyKnow, our Freedom of Information website, is in urgent need of funding. Got a tip? Please share it!

“TICTeC is always an incredible opportunity to hear from the people at the cutting edge of Civic Tech all around the world. It’s so inspiring to see what just a few people can do to bring about change.” Myf Marketing & Communications Manager
Thank you

To our volunteers

Alistair, Doug, Ganesh, Gavin, Kieran, Michael, Martyn and Richard: thanks so much for keeping WhatDoTheyKnow viable. Without your hard work, considered moderation and commitment to open information, we wouldn’t be able to run the site at all!

What do WhatDoTheyKnow volunteers do? Here’s a description of a typical day’s work.

Emails answered 8,000+

Authorities 3,371

added to WhatDoTheyKnow including coroners and neighbourhood planning forums.

“Having those who’re passionate about the service involved in running it, as volunteers, staff and trustees, keeps the service focused on serving its users and hopefully helps it remain credible and trusted.” Richard Taylor WhatDoTheyKnow Volunteer
Thank you

To our donors

Individual donations, both large and small, show that you understand the difference we’re making, and support us in all that we do.

Largest single donation £5,000

That was a nice surprise! Thank you, anonymous donor

Smallest regular contribution 4p

It all adds up. Thank you :)

We’re deeply grateful for every contribution, both large and small.

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Thank you

To our users

As always, you help simply by using our sites, to contact your representatives, to check and share voting records, to tell your council about that pothole that needs filling or that streetlight that needs fixing, or by putting in a request for information that puts the response in the public domain.

And most of all, you help by telling your friends, family, colleagues and social networks about our services. Thank you.

Show me the money

Since we advocate for transparency, it’s only right that we practice it ourselves.

So here’s where you can find for 2017-18:

  • Our Charity Commission accounts, including income and spending.
  • Our accounts on Companies House for UK Citizens Online Democracy, the charity and limited company through which we run mySociety.
  • Our mySociety Ltd accounts on Companies House. mySociety Ltd is the private limited company, wholly-owned by UKCOD, through which we carry out our commercial work.
  • In 2018 we employed on average 22 permanent staff and 8 staff on fixed term contracts, each of whom were paid in excess of the living wage.
  • Salary costs are split across our Charity and Commercial companies, based on what projects staff spend their time on.
  • Our Trustees and Non-Executive Directors give all of their very valuable time for free and receive no other compensation — for which we’re very grateful.

Onwards to 2019:

Greater things! More impact, more outcomes: we’ll be sharing our freshly-hatched three year plan in January.

Getting the TICTeC 2019 show on the road... in Paris Submit a paper/session suggestion now, or if you’d rather just sit back and enjoy the show, book an earlybird ticket and attend as a delegate.

Building community, by focusing on the new features for FixMyStreet and Keep It In The Community that our users, partners and clients have told us are priorities.

Fostering transparency, with more work on our FOI for Councils tool, growth of WhatDoTheyKnow Pro and associated impact on the news agenda, initiatives to help increase first-time FOI users, and support for our international partners.

Boosting democracy worldwide, by working with parliamentary monitoring organisations to support more transparency and access to legislatures in Sub-Saharan Africa; collaborating with The Democratic Society on Public Square; continuing to participate in the Democratic Commons and contributing to tools for Wikidata to enable more people to get involved with open political data worldwide.

Getting our teeth into lots of juicy research, including into African Legal Institute portals, factors that drive FixMyStreet reports, how FOI works in UK local government, what affects whether people know who their MP is, how people use proxies to use our sites... and more.

“At a time when the need for transparency and accountability has become ever more important in securing and sustaining our democracies, the work of mySociety has never been more needed and potent. However there is much for us to learn and much to improve and we’re looking forward to exploring these new challenges with our partners, supporters and citizens who use our services through 2019. Thank you for reading this far and for your continued support.” Mark Cridge Chief Executive, mySociety

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