Our software for running Freedom of Information websites. It’s currently powering websites that help people in 25 jurisdictions to submit FOI requests and publish the responses. Between them, these sites have processed and published over 100,000 requests this year.

“The service helps tackle some of the scourges in our society including political spin and fake news. I volunteer because I want to see this hugely valuable service survive, and thrive.” Richard Taylor WhatDoTheyKnow Volunteer

10 years of information

WhatDoTheyKnow, our own UK site for making and publishing Freedom of Information requests, was launched in 2008. We celebrated the tenth anniversary with a party during which we learned that:

  • WhatDoTheyKnow was originally to have been given the snappy name Freedom of Information Filer and Archive, and when it was first conceived, we thought users would have to scan in the responses they received.
  • The WhatDoTheyKnow team are ‘not FOI fans specifically’ and ‘would rather people didn’t have to make FOI requests’ (because information would be released proactively).
  • mySociety’s Georgie can turn her hand to car repairs, and did just that for our Belgian partner Claude when he had the misfortune of a flat tyre right outside the party venue.
“I’m proud of the work we do. Quite often when I talk about it to people I meet, their faces light up, and they say ’I’ve used that loads!’.” Louise Head of Development
“I love that we’re working towards a society where power is more balanced.” Gemma Events and Alaveteli Partnership Manager

500,000 requests

Serendipity! The stars aligned, and WhatDoTheyKnow processed its half a millionth request… on International Right To Know Day.